The Helpless "best Choice"

Whether eating lunch in the canteen or choosing to go to the market, the most basic expectations of employees for lunch are –

“As long as you can eat comfortably and don’t waste it”

Reporter Qiao Ran

Editor's note

For small and medium-sized enterprise employees, new business practitioners, sharing economy practitioners, individual practitioners and other groups, the word "canteen" is difficult to find in the dictionary of life, and the concept of work meals is also out of reach. Whether he chooses to go to a restaurant or order takeout for lunch, he has to pay a higher cost. This cost is not only money, but also health. Whether through various forms, according to the characteristics of different types of enterprises and different economic formats, we can provide these employees with a good lunch that is both nutritious and healthy and with a light burden is worthy of consideration by relevant departments.

People who do not have access to the canteen are looking forward to the canteen, and among those who do have access to the canteen, there are also many who complain. After all, momo topup , a large-scale dish made with limited funds, must not only cope with regional differences, but also avoid extravagance and waste. It is really not an easy task to run a canteen that satisfies employees. Of course, in the era of big data, this problem is not without solutions.

Chen Qiao, who works for a financial company in Beijing, works in the CBD in Chaoyang District. Under the skyscrapers, there is a large flow of people in suits and ties. Chen Qiao's weight has been increasing since he started working, because he can only rely on takeout for lunch.

The helpless "best choice"

The reason why Chen Qiao chose takeout was because it was the “best choice” out of nowhere. The lunch break is only one and a half hours, but there are many companies in the office building, and the small restaurants nearby are overcrowded at noon, so "all the time is spent on waiting in line." After various attempts, Chen Qiao felt that takeout was his best choice under the current conditions. “It’s convenient and fast, and the key is that you don’t have to wait.” He would open the APP at 11 o’clock every day to place an order, and 40 minutes later, the food would be ready. Delivered to the office downstairs on time.

However, the disadvantages of takeout are also inevitable. "You can eat less for unfamiliar dishes in the cafeteria, but once you order the wrong takeout, the whole thing will collapse." Once, he ordered a pork belly chicken I can still clearly remember the taste of the rice as "too bland to have any friends". In the end, I had to throw it all away and order another familiar pickled fish rice bowl.

Another issue is health. Many takeaway dishes are high in oil and salt.

Mr. Zhu, who runs a training institution, is helpless when it comes to employees choosing to eat takeout for lunch. "The company is small, so it is impossible to have its own canteen, and it is impossible to open a fire to cook in the office building." Later, Mr. Zhu tried to order lunches for employees collectively, or book tables for work meals in outside restaurants, but the results were not good. "There are always people who are dissatisfied with the food in the lunch box and reserve a table to eat, which makes young people feel embarrassed." In the end, the company had to give everyone meal supplements and let employees solve the problem themselves.

Mr. Zhu envied the small dining tables for the elderly set up in the surrounding communities. “I also talked with the management of the building about whether we could set up a collective canteen for small businesses in the surrounding areas to share, but there was no one to take the lead, and no one knew how to do it. "

Watching the canteen and ordering takeout

The role of the canteen is still very obvious. He Fang, who works in a state-owned enterprise near the West Second Ring Road in Beijing, although her evaluation of the company canteen is "average", as long as it is noon on a working day, she will always put down her meal. Take the elevator from the office on the fifth floor to the canteen on time and queue up for meals.

What attracts her most about the canteen is the price. “For such a big person , only the canteen’s meal prices are the cheapest.” For only 5 yuan, you can get a regular set meal with two meat and one vegetable. If it’s not enough You only need to add 1 yuan to order an additional dish, and the company recharges the meal card with a subsidy of 300 yuan every month.

However, Li Ming, who works in the same company and eats in the same canteen as He Fang, has almost never touched the money in his meal card. "It was okay when I first joined the job, and the dishes were all OK. But after one month of joining, you will find that the same dishes are the same every day." Li Ming told reporters that the canteen provides 8 dishes a week, and occasionally fine-tunes them, but over and over again, it is always "potatoes forever." Shredded fried meat, tomatoes and eggs forever.” Even more distressed than Li Ming was his southern colleague, who couldn't get used to northern dishes and ended up ordering takeout from the cafeteria.

"Product Manager" thinking

The above situations do not exist in a large Internet company where Wang Bing works. The canteen here uses the thinking of a "product manager" to meet everyone's requirements as much as possible.

The cafeteria occupies five floors. The first floor focuses on northern cuisine, the second floor focuses on halal northwest cuisine, the third floor offers Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine, the fourth floor provides team building meals and private dining, and the fifth floor offers world cuisine. More than 10,000 people shuttle through this five-story canteen at noon every day. The average price of a meal is about 25 yuan, and the meals are weighed independently to eliminate waste, and the company provides a daily meal subsidy of 55 yuan.

"This is the benefit of joining a big company, but I don't have much time to enjoy delicious food every day. I am too busy at work, so I eat in a hurry and then go to work." Wang Bing said. Of course, the company provides such a large canteen because the company is located in the suburbs and there are really no places to eat nearby.

After all, there are only a few companies that can provide large canteens. As a member of the "Galaxy Stomach Guard Team", deliveryman Huang Kai has been to too many canteens and restaurants. He found that most people's requirements for lunch are actually "to be able to eat comfortably and not waste", but in reality No matter which eating mode you choose, it is not easy to be "comfortable and not wasteful".

"Worker Daily" (Page 03, October 10, 2020)


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