How To Get Rice Coins For Free On Saier Account? The Lat

How to get rice coins for free in Seer

The latest method to earn rice coins on Seer (this is the latest revised method, the previous method cannot be used topup tantan , veterans know it, novices can see for themselves) How to get 10 yuan or 30 yuan (take 30 yuan as an example ) becomes more. If you can't even afford a point card worth 10-30 yuan, then don't even think about getting involved in the Xar account.

How to get a refund for recharging rice recharge rice coins_recharge rice coins is it real

The method is to use the official account to give everyone rice coins. For the children in this bar, I suggest you not to spread it everywhere. How to convert 10 yuan into 10,000 yuan or more. The specific method is as follows:

Under the recharge page of Purcell, there is a data file called the Data Processing Center hidden. Of course, there is no way to directly access uplive recharge diamonds . We know that Purcell is a new game, so it is made in China. The official account of the recharge agent in 2009 has many loopholes. It is used to record the recharge cards that have been used. Of course, there is no way to access it directly. But first, you need to prepare an unused recharge card. It doesn't matter how much money you want. recharge rice coins_recharge rice coins is it real_recharge How to get a refund for rice coins

Then enter the website login point Saier number recharge page to recharge:

Attention Mimi!!: You cannot directly fill in your account number first. You have to fill it in. This is the official account of Saierhao game. Re-enter the account and also fill in the value card number. Fill in the recharge card number and recharge card password you prepared. Please enter the additional code for the recharge card password you prepared. Fill it in as usual.

Is the rice coins for recharging real?_How to refund for recharging rice coins for Taomi.com_Recharge rice coins for

Then click OK to start recharging. After filling in the additional codes and so on, click Next, then Step 3 and then click Next! ! The jump page will prompt you that there is a system error! (Or it is successful, but it doesn't matter, it is just a display error.) Okay, let's start jumping to the page, because it is the official account of the system! So the system will tell you that the account recharge failed (or was successful), which is natural. Next is the key: now refresh the page, the system will prompt an error, and then press the back key to return to the recharge page. Next Important steps:

Enter your own account number and follow the usual steps to recharge. The system will prompt that the recharge is successful! Here comes the most critical step:

Refresh the page and use your fastest method to refresh the page as many times as you want. If you are charging a 10 yuan point card, and you refresh it 10 times, it is equivalent to a 100 yuan point card. . If you don't know how to click refresh, it's the same as holding down the F5 key. The F5 key is the shortcut key for refresh. You can try it first. In short, you refresh several times. Then your roll will be repeated several times. Principle: Recharge the official management account, let the system prompt an error, and then refresh the recharge multiple times based on the network delay. In this way, when your recharge data is sent to the Taomi recharge system, the system will send it based on how many times you have sent it. The recharge information will help you get as many points as you want (refresh counts once), do you understand?


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