Food City Recharge Balance Reduces Citizens’ Expenditur

Qinghai News Network reported that in the past two years, the food city boom has emerged in Xining's catering industry. Almost every business district has a food city, and the food city subcontracts each catering window to different merchants. When citizens eat in the food city, they need to apply for a card at the cashier, recharge, and then use the card to swipe their cards at various dining windows. Although this form facilitates the management of the food city, citizens are "confused" about the amount of money spent on the card.

A few days ago, Ms. Liu, a citizen, found that the balance of the card she had recharged at a food court had decreased for no reason. According to Ms. Liu's recollection, that day she went to a food court in a commercial center in our city to recharge bigo live diamond . She applied for a temporary card at the counter and recharged 100 yuan. When Ms. Liu finished buying the meal and took the recharge card to the counter to refund the card, she found that the balance returned to her did not match the amount of money she spent, so she asked the staff who recharged the card, but the staff said she did not know. , let her go to the office and ask. Ms. Liu went to the office on the third floor with her meal and card to inquire about the situation. The office staff called up Ms. Liu's consumption details through the computer and found that a certain catering window had double swiped the card and deducted an extra amount. The staff immediately returned the money to Ms. Liu and apologized. Ms. Liu told reporters that if she had not discovered it in time, her money might have been lost in vain.

In this regard, the reporter contacted the staff of the food city office. According to the staff's explanation, it was indeed due to the merchant's operational error that the money in Ms. Liu's card was overcharged. In the future, they will strengthen management to prevent such incidents from happening again. At the same time, the person in charge reminded the public to remember to ask the merchant for a receipt mico recharge paypal every time they swipe their card at the window, and carefully check the consumption situation and balance. If there is any discrepancy, please contact the food city office staff in time.


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