What Is Apple TV+? How To Activate It? This Article Tell

1. What is Apple TV+?

Simply put, it is an original video subscription service launched by Apple. In addition to the original movies, Apple will put its own original TV shows, films and documentaries in this service. To put it more simply, Apple has started making movies, and you can watch these movies after subscribing to this service. And there are Chinese subtitles, but because it has just been launched, there are not many episodes, but the current episodes have received good feedback from everyone.

2. How to activate Apple TV+?

Note: No need to surf the Internet

First of all, you need to prepare an Apple ID for Hong Kong or the United States. You can apply for it on the official Apple website in Hong Kong or the United States. However, sometimes you need to have an address in Hong Kong or the United States, so it is recommended that you go to Taobao to buy one, which costs about three or five yuan each.

Then log out of the current Apple ID in Settings – Store and App Store, and log in to the Hong Kong or US ID. Note that you do not need to log out of the device's Apple ID, you only need to log out of the Store and App Store ID.

Note: After switching IDs, Apple Music will automatically clear local downloads. If you are a heavy user of Apple Music, do not try this lightly.

After logging in, a "video" APP imo diamond recharge online will automatically appear in your device. Open it in "Watch Now", find the TV+ column, and open a drama at random, such as this one starring "Aquaman". Then click to subscribe.

3. How much does Apple TV+ cost?

Apple TV+ adopts a subscription payment method. There is a seven-day trial period after the normal subscription, and the monthly fee thereafter is 38 Hong Kong dollars or 4.99 US dollars. However, consumers who purchase a new iPad, iPod touch, Mac or Apple TV on September XX this year (I forgot the exact date, it should be after this year's Apple conference) can enjoy one year of free time. After one year, the monthly payment amount will be the same as above.

4. After clicking Subscribe, you are asked to add payment information, but it fails no matter how you add it. What should I do?

I have encountered this problem myself, all my credit cards cannot add payment information successfully, including visa cards. However , there is a way to solve it, which is to go to Taobao to buy an Apple gift card (recharge card) in Hong Kong or the United States, the smallest denomination is fine, and then recharge the gift card into the account in the App Store-the avatar in the upper right corner-redeem gift card or code, and then re-subscribe to succeed.


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