Valorant Account Purchase Guide: Get It Easily In US And

Valorant is currently available on the US and Hong Kong servers, but the game is currently only available on overseas servers, which makes account registration more difficult. However , in addition to account registration, you can also directly purchase an account. Let's take a look at how to purchase a Valorant account.

Where to buy a Valorant account

"Valorant" is a free multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games and to be released soon. The game was first released in October 2019, codenamed "A". It is now online at yalla ludo live pay , but due to special national conditions, there is currently no national server. If you want to play Valorant, you can only play overseas servers and need to register or purchase an overseas account;

Purchase process

1. Step 1: Click to enter the recharge platform

2. Step 2: Select the region you want to purchase

3. Step 3: Pay the acceptance account to complete the purchase

In addition, if you encounter any problems while playing Valoran, such as the game cannot be downloaded, the server cannot be connected, etc., you can go to the WeChat public account "Waiyoushe" to check the answer. At the same time, game downloads, registrations, recharges, etc. can all be completed on Waiyou.

In addition, everyone is welcome to join our overseas game player exchange group to share Diablo Immortal game experience, obtain the latest version information, and complain with like-minded gamers. (Click here to join the group)

About Waiyoushe

Waiyoushe is an overseas game platform that we have created specifically for overseas players. It has been helping Chinese people play overseas games more smoothly. Whether it is network delay or game freeze, you can get answers here. If you have other questions, you can ask us directly through the chat bar and we will answer them.

The above is the method to obtain a Valorant account. For more game information, please follow the WeChat public account Waiyoushe.


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