Huya And Douyu’s Use Of Online Courses To Promote Onlin

Not everyone can do online education.

On June 8, according to CCTV News, Huya Live launched a free online course channel in February this year under the call of "suspending classes but not learning". However, when the reporter tried the Huya App in early April, the first thing that popped up was the interest options of various online games, and the learning column was placed at the end.

CCTV News pointed out that if students want to learn online through Huya, they must first browse a large amount of game and dating information. Not only that, there are also a large number of carefully packaged game ads on the so-called free online course pages. And similar situations also occur on the Douyu platform.

On June 9, People's Daily Online also published a commentary titled "Using online classes to promote online games, do "Huya" have any bottom line?" People's Daily Online commented that for the majority of young people, having another channel to learn knowledge is a good thing, but the free online classes on these live broadcast platforms have deviated from the essence of education and dissemination of knowledge. On the surface, they are doing public welfare education and taking social responsibility, but in fact they are harvesting traffic in disguise under the guise of free online education.

The commentary also believes that when live streaming platforms launch online education and other content sections for minors, they should specifically block content that is not suitable for teenagers to access, so as to prevent them from being exposed to bad information. Not only do they not block it, but they also actively market it. This wave of operations by live streaming platforms has lowered the threshold for teenagers to access online games and some bad information, which is undoubtedly contrary to the original intention of online classes. Online classes, which originally had the function of continuing to learn even when classes are suspended, have been distorted in their original intention. Under the platform's illegal marketing and promotion, they have become a convenient window for playing games, losing business ethics and having no business bottom line.

Huya and Douyu responded

In response to the media exposure, Huya responded on the evening of the 8th. Huya said that "Learn Together" was an online education section urgently launched by the platform based on user needs during the epidemic. The original intention of the business was to facilitate users to take online courses during the epidemic. There was no active commercial promotion purpose. Due to the tight launch time, some product functions are also being continuously improved. In response to the category commercial elements mentioned in the report, the platform also made emergency modifications, and the advertisements of the "Learn Together" section have been offline.

In response to the complaints about underage consumption mentioned in the CCTV report, Huya said that the platform has verified the situation and processed the refund. The refund has been completed. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to users.

Huya said that the platform firmly opposes recharge, consumption and reward by minors . In order to protect the healthy growth of minors, in September 2019, according to the guidance of the State Internet Information Office, Huya launched the "Youth Mode". In the "Youth Mode", the platform selects a batch of high-quality content suitable for minors to watch, and interactive operations such as recharge, reward, purchase and exchange, barrage comments, and video live broadcast are not allowed.

On June 9, Douyu also responded to the incident. Douyu said that Douyu has opened a "youth mode" specifically for minors, providing education, public welfare, positive energy and other content suitable for minors to watch. In this mode, functions such as recharge rewards and barrage comments are all closed.

Douyu said, "CCTV's 'Live News Room' mentioned that the game ads displayed in the education section were pushed to adult users in normal user mode. At present, all related ads have been taken offline. We will continue to clean up the education section in depth, optimize product functions, and provide users with more professional and healthy services."

Anyone can take online classes?

In fact, at the beginning of this year, affected by the epidemic, primary and secondary school students across the country started online classes. At the same time, many Internet platforms also joined in. It is no exaggeration to say that domino top up , all information service platforms with a certain user scale on the market have basically added an "education" module.

As People's Daily said, the original intention of adding a learning channel for young people is correct, but the problem is that in the process of specific implementation, whether each platform is prepared to serve the vast student population and whether the platform is suitable for educational content are issues worth discussing.

Huya and Douyu are live streaming platforms that mainly focus on game live streaming. They are mostly full of game-related content. It is probably not suitable to study in such an "environment". Moreover, this is not just a problem for Huya and Douyu. Other content platforms also face the same problem. For example, Bilibili has also launched an education section, but some netizens have questioned whether students can resist the temptation of having to scroll through other channels before entering the "learning area"?

People's Daily also mentioned in its comments that the education department had previously issued documents such as "Notice on Strictly Prohibiting Harmful Apps from Entering Primary and Secondary School Campuses", requiring education departments and primary and secondary schools at all levels to stop using "content and links containing pornography, violence, online games, commercial advertisements, etc." to prevent harmful apps from invading campuses.

The live streaming platforms took advantage of the online classes to market themselves, inserting commercial promotional content such as online games into them. They also turned a blind eye to some erotic content that skirted the line between content and content, and even allowed it to coexist on the same page with online classes, which clearly violated the spirit of the above document.

People's Daily Online said that business should be allowed to return to business, online classes should return to online classes, and education should return to education. Such incidents have also reminded all parties: on the one hand, live broadcast platforms need to strictly abide by the bottom line of the industry, strengthen the filtering and review functions, and cannot use young people as traffic tools for commercial promotion and distort the online classes;

On the other hand, the relevant regulatory mechanisms of live streaming platforms should be further improved. For example, whether online education sections belong to "learning apps" requires precise definition.


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