How To Use WeChat Pay For Apple Mobile Games? Detailed S

How to set up WeChat payment for Apple mobile games: 1. Open the app on your phone. 2. Click on the App after entering. 3. Drag to the bottom of the APP page and you will see the binding of Alipay, WeChat Pay or bank card. 4. Click on WeChat Pay. 5. Click Done and the WeChat payment page will automatically jump.

Steps: 1. Open WeChat on your phone, enter your WeChat ID and password in the login window, and click Login; 2. After logging in, go to the homepage, click "Me" at the bottom, and select "Wallet"; 3. On the WeChat wallet page, click "Q Coin Recharge", select "Game Recharge", click the game you want to recharge, and then select "Recharge Game"

The steps to solve how to recharge an Apple phone with WeChat are as follows: 1. Select WeChat, open it, and click "Bind WeChat Pay" in "Featured Recommendations" – "Quick Links" on the homepage. //"=""title

1. First, enter WeChat; 2. Search for the official account recharge card and enter the recharge card official account; 3. Enter the WeChat official account and click the card purchase option in the bottom menu; 4. After entering the card purchase page, start to select the card you like; 5. Pay to recharge your Apple account. The above content is for reference only and can be adjusted according to your personal preferences.

1. First, in the settings interface of the iPhone, click Apple ID, Media and Purchases, and then click Payment and Delivery. 2. Then enter your password, click Login, and then click Edit. 3. Then tap WeChat Pay to move it to the first payment method, and then click Done. This can be done with WeChat Pay.

The steps are as follows: 1. In the settings interface of the iPhone, click [,, Media & Purchases]. 2. Click [Payment & Delivery]. 3. Enter your password and click [Login]. 4. Click [Edit]. 5. Tap WeChat Pay to move it to the first position of [Payment Method]. 6. Click [

How to recharge the iPhone Gold Spatula on WeChat

If you want to use WeChat Pay, you must authenticate your real name. This means you need to use a bank card and bind it to WeChat Pay. WeChat Pay is a payment function integrated into the WeChat client, and users can complete a quick payment process through their mobile phones. WeChat Pay is based on the quick payment of bound bank cards and provides users with safe and efficient payment services.

1. How to recharge an iPhone? You can use UnionPay to pay without opening an online bank account. 1. First, open and enter [App Store], select the app you want to buy, and click [Buy Now]. 2. Log in to the account registered on the phone according to the prompts. A recharge prompt will pop up. Click [Continue]

1. You can use third-party payment platforms, such as Alipay, to bind these payment platforms to your Apple account and then make payments. 2. You can buy Apple gift cards at or other retailers. Using Apple gift cards to make payments will deduct the amount from the gift card balance.

After selecting the amount you want to recharge on the game interface, you will automatically jump to the Apple account recharge page (provided you have an account and enter your password) and then you will be asked to select the recharge amount, bank card, and then enter the card number. You can use online banking to recharge to your Apple account, and then recharge to the game through your Apple account.

Apple phones must be bound to a bank card. If it is not connected, the game cannot be recharged, so a bank card must be bound.

How to recharge Apple Gold Shovel War without a bank card

Add a payment method in. Step 1. Open and click. Step 2. Click the avatar in the upper right corner. Step 3. Click to top up. Step 4. Click Add payment method to switch the payment method.

Payment system restrictions, version update issues. 1. Payment system restrictions: The game is restricted by the payment system and cannot be recharged directly through ZFB. 2. Version update issues: Sometimes the game needs to be updated. If there is a problem during the update process, it will cause the inability to use ZFB for recharge.

The failure to obtain the recharge information of the Golden Spatula is due to a system bug. According to the relevant public information, the Golden Spatula is an equipment in the Teamfight Tactics mode of the game "League of Legends". The error message when recharging the Golden Spatula is due to a system bug, which causes an error on the page. You can report it to the customer service and wait for a solution.

We directly click on the app store on the homepage, click on the avatar in the upper right corner of the app store, click to recharge Apple ID, click to add payment method, click to select Alipay, so that you don't need a bank card. "Golden Shovel War" is an automatic battle mobile game authorized by "League of Legends" Teamfight Tactics. It was released in August 2021.

How to recharge your iPhone Jinchan WeChat account is as follows: 1. Select WeChat mico coins , open it, and select bind WeChat payment in the homepage boutique recommendation-quick link. 2. Jump to WeChat payment with one click, select WeChat payment on the account settings page, and jump to the WeChat interface with one click. 3. Verify the binding, confirm the activation of WeChat password-free payment, and enter the payment password

Access is restricted. Access is restricted because of your own settings. You need to turn off the restrictions in the settings, or just turn on the APP purchase items in the access restrictions. The War of the Golden Spade iPhone version is a multiplayer auto chess strategy game based on the League of Legends. In the game, players can control their own heroes.

I can't recharge my iPhone in War of the Golden Shovels

The reason why Taobao's Golden Shovel recharge service is so cheap is that many of these cheap recharge services on the Internet are basically fishy. The cheaper ones may be obtained by exchange rate, which is relatively safe. 2. The much cheaper ones are basically black cards, which means they will recharge your account and then refund it. The probability of being blocked is quite high.

No. According to the official website of Golden Spade, the reason why Golden Spade draws for players is that players are afraid of bad luck and make a deal with the studio. After paying a certain amount of money, the studio will draw items on their behalf. The studio recharges through regular channels and is not suspected of violating regulations, so the account will not be blocked.

Yes. The official website of Golden Shovel prohibits any form of recharge on behalf of others and clearly states that any violation will be punished by account suspension. There is a risk of being suspended if you use the recharge service.

No. Golden Spatula recharge refers to the recharge of game coins by agents. It is not a violation and will not result in account suspension. It is a normal recharge method. Golden Spatula refers to the game "Golden Spatula War", which is a mobile game version developed based on "League of Legends: Teamfight Tactics".

No. The Golden Spade Recharge is an agent to recharge the game currency Mico Top Up . It is not a violation and will not be blocked. It is a normal way to recharge. However, the Golden Spade Recharge has no follow-up guarantee. After transferring the money to the agent, there is no guarantee that the agent will recharge or recharge the same amount of points, which makes the Golden Spade Recharge unsafe.

Will the account be banned if I charge for the game "Golden Shovel"?


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