Apple Gift Card Purchase Restrictions And Purchase Preca

Please register: To prevent illegal persons from purchasing Apple gift cards to cash in yalla ludo diamond recharge , each user is limited to purchasing 1 item per day. If you order more than 1 item, the goods will not be shipped. Please read carefully before buying!

Detailed description

About Purchase Restrictions

To prevent illegal persons from purchasing Apple gift cards to cash out, each user is limited to purchasing one item per day. Orders in excess of this will not be shipped. Please be careful before buying!

About the source of gift cards

This is the redemption code I purchased from Apple, please feel free to use it

How to ship

After payment, please contact me on WeChat for shipment. I am not always available. If I don’t reply to your message in time, please be patient!

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About denomination

If you trade up live recharge on the trading platform, only denominations of 2-10 USD are supported, and one user is limited to one piece per day. For larger denominations, please contact us directly on WeChat to purchase! (It is mainly to prevent money laundering. I do this purchasing on behalf of others just to make it convenient for everyone and to make a little money. I don't want to cause any trouble. Please understand.)

Because the US Apple ID cannot be bound to a domestic credit card, if you want to buy paid apps, you can only recharge the US Apple ID account by purchasing gift cards, and then you can purchase the paid apps in it.

Here’s how to redeem an Apple gift card:

1. Click User Center in the App Store (as shown in the picture)

2. Choose to redeem a recharge card or code

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3. Choose to enter the redemption code manually

Redemption Instructions:

Redeem your card through the app on or .

In the App Store:

Use your login and navigate to "Redeem";

Enter the password and recharge the balance immediately;

You are done, enjoy!

US charging_US charging_US charging

Via the Apple Music app

Open the app;

Click "Redeem" and enter the 16-digit code;

Your balance has been topped up! That's it, you can now start using the latest games and apps.

Product Description

One card, millions of ways to enjoy. Get apps, games, music, movies, and TV shows with gift cards. Choose from multiple denominations to buy in-app content, books, TV show subscriptions, and even storage to protect files across all your Apple devices

terms and Conditions:

Available only for purchases from the U.S. Use requires an active account and prior acceptance of the license and terms of use.


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