A 14-year-old Girl In Liaoning Jumped Off A Building, An

Recently, another tragedy caused by minors recharging mobile games occurred in Huludao City, Liaoning Province. Before this, the topic of minors recharging mobile games has long received high attention from public opinion. But compared with previous similar incidents, this incident is even more shocking – under the pressure of recharging huge sums of money without the knowledge of her parents, the 14-year-old girl Liu Ge (pseudonym) jumped from the building and impulsively ended her life. Such a tragic result has stained this incident with a heavy tragic color, and has once again aroused the public's high attention to the issue of minors recharging mobile games.

In this incident, the mobile game that the deceased recharged more than 60,000 yuan without the knowledge of his parents was called "Dragon Fantasy". According to reports, long before the tragedy, players of "Dragon Fantasy" had expressed their dissatisfaction with the excessive "cheat krypton" (induced recharge) of operators on the Internet. The game mechanism specially designed for "cheat krypton" can easily arouse the players' comparison psychology, making them "spend a lot of money" in the game. It was precisely because Liu Ge wanted to get more beautiful appearance accessories in the game that he made the wrong decision to steal his parents' account without an independent source of income, which eventually led to a big mistake. For this reason, "Dragon Fantasy" should also make a profound review of the existing recharge mechanism and the anti-addiction mechanism for minors.

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However, although the game "Dragon Fantasy" does have many things to criticize, it is impossible for us to hold the operator of this game responsible for Liu Ge's death at the legal level. Whenever similar incidents occur, the first to be criticized are the "unscrupulous manufacturers" with particularly bad performance, but bigo diamond recharge online , this criticism cannot fundamentally solve the problem of minors recharging mobile games. Only by exerting efforts at the level of industry norms and laws and regulations, and formulating a set of clear and enforceable rules for related disputes, can we prevent more family conflicts and social conflicts from arising, and thus save more young lives.

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Since minors are not financially independent and most of them do not own much property, in theory they cannot make large purchases in games. Looking at such cases, whether the minors involved are stealing their parents' mobile accounts or stealing their parents' cards to exchange for cash, they are essentially disposing of property that they have no right to dispose of. Therefore, such consumption should not be established at the legal level. Although the game company may cry out for injustice and say that it does not know whether the actual recharge was made by a minor, after the truth is clear, the relevant funds should be refunded in a reasonable manner.

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We often say that laws and regulations should not be "one size fits all" in certain areas, but on this issue, what we lack is a "one size fits all" strict regulation. Only by eliminating the space for game operators to quibble on this issue and making such transactions completely impossible, can minors realize the futility of recharging, and parents do not have to worry about the loss of property, thus avoiding possible conflicts and tragedies. For game companies, this may cause them to lose some income in the short term, but in the long run, it will help mobile games get rid of the bad reputation and get out of the quagmire of negative public opinion by purifying the ecosystem.

We hope that this heavy tragedy can be transformed by society into a force to promote the rule of law and norms. The rule of law and norms can not only resolve disputes and avoid conflicts, but also enable the interests of all parties to achieve a "win-win" through coordination. This principle applies not only to the issue of minors recharging mobile games, but also to many other areas.


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