Yingke Live: Make Money By Chatting With Friends, A Plat

Yingke Live is a version specially designed for Yingke users. This version not only allows recharge and payment, but also provides unlimited diamonds for everyone to reward the anchor. You can also make a lot of money in it. Come to Green Resource Network to download and use it!

Introduction to Inke Live:

[Have you set a small goal? Make 100 million first? ]

Download the super cute little owl now, get movie tickets, double the red envelopes, and make a lot of money! Make friends + chat + make money, let you make 100 million, we are serious

【You haven't used Yingke yet? 】

This baby is so out!!!

Isn't it great to pick up your phone and "show it with one click"? No need to put on makeup, no need to wash your hair, the magic beauty function will make you feel more confident, right?

Live broadcast for all people is on Inke. Celebrity idols, politicians, influencers, and sports stars with hundreds of millions of fans are waiting for you here.

[China's leading interactive live broadcast platform, beautiful women live video dating platform]

"Sakura Goddess Festival" stars support, the national goddess' wonderful journey, the top ten goddess labels redefine "goddess", if you don't agree, come and show it!

Sakura goddess opens the selection of mico regharg , Inke creates the most beautiful IP in history. The "all-American" talent show in the live broadcast industry is waiting for you, come and sign up!

The world is as big as your heart. Let Inke take you to fly and enjoy the privilege of seeing the world. Are you ready? Let's Go!

The anchor is right beside you, search for her/him nearby, and start flirting!

Features of Inke Live:

【Magic Beauty】Intelligent beauty, live broadcast has never been so beautiful

【Real-time Live Broadcast】Say goodbye to delays with mico live recharge online and enter the real-time era

【Highlight Replay】Say goodbye to the regret of missing out, watch whenever you want

【One-click release】Say goodbye to tediousness, live video streaming can be very simple

【Colorful Gifts】Register and get free movie tickets, just be capricious

【Multiplayer connection】Interact online, multiplayer live broadcast is more fun!


v9.5.60 update content:


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