NetEase Games Official Payment Platform Is Online, With

NetEase Games’ official payment platform is online, with multiple welfare gifts to be given away~ "Onmyoji" and NetEase Games jointly offer welfare recharge activities for Onmyojis.

Recharge Benefits】Recharge Gifts

Adults can go to the NetEase Game Payment Center and choose any Soul Jade tier to recharge. You can get extra magatama for the first recharge, and you can get magatama benefits for each subsequent recharge at this tier.

※Subsequent recharge will receive magatama benefits, for details, please see the recharge page description

Monthly first charge benefits

The first time you recharge at NetEase Games Payment Center each month, you can enjoy a 9.8% recharge discount (the discount will be reset on the 1st of each month).

Points redemption gift

After each successful recharge, the recharge amount will be converted into points. Adults can use the corresponding points to redeem magatama, mysterious talismans, contracts, and other rewards in the "Points Mall", and can also spend points to participate in the "Points Lottery".

※The consumption amount will be accumulated to the corresponding recharged Onmyoji game account Yaozhige.

Coupon benefits, random discounts and other preferential recharge activities will be launched on the NetEase Game Payment Center in the future, so Onmyoji fans, please stay tuned.

【Recharge process】

Onmyoji players can enter the NetEase Game Payment Center entrance by clicking the link → or going to the menu bar of the "NetEase Onmyoji Mobile Game" public account.

Select the corresponding client platform on the page and log in (currently NetEase Game Payment Center does not support channel service account recharge).

After logging in, select the character you want to recharge and enter the recharge page.

You can choose any Soul Jade purchase page to recharge.

【NetEase Game Payment Center Recharge Q&A】

【About Onmyoji Mobile Game】

NetEase's self-developed flagship IP, beautiful and ethereal, classic semi-real-time turn-based RPG, card collection, cultivation , social PK based on LBS technology, ups and downs of the new plot, hundreds of shikigami waiting to be awakened… "Onmyoji" is waiting for you to embark on a mysterious fantasy journey!

Official website:


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