Kuaishou E-commerce Welcomes Ali P9-level Product Expert

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It is learned that Alibaba's senior product expert Fan Li (nickname Liu Lang) has recently joined Kuaishou E-commerce as product manager, reporting to Xiao Gu, the head of Kuaishou E-commerce, and Xiao Gu reports to Cheng Yixiao.

Fan Li has been with Alibaba for many years. He reported to Ye Guohui, general manager of Alipay Merchant Digitalization Division. Fan Li left Alibaba in mid-December with a job level of P9.

Kuaishou was founded in March 2011. Its predecessor was GIF Kuaishou, a short video application for making and sharing GIF images. In November 2012, Kuaishou transformed from a pure tool application to a short video community, a platform for users to record and share their lives. Later, with the popularization of smartphones and the decline in mobile traffic costs, Kuaishou ushered in an explosion after 2015.

In 2017, the average daily active users of Kuaishou’s main site exceeded 100 million. Kuaishou launched the K3 campaign last year. At its peak, its DAU reached 320 million.

According to Kuaishou's prospectus, by the end of June 2020, the average daily active users of Kuaishou's applications and mini-programs exceeded 300 million, making it the world's second largest short video platform. The commission deduction from live broadcast reward transactions is its main source of revenue, and Kuaishou Express Edition launched in October 2018 is the main source of its user growth.

Liu Feng, head of human resources at Kuaishou, announced at a Kuaishou staff meeting:

Starting from January 10, 2021, Kuaishou will start a long and short week schedule for all employees.

A big week and a small week actually means working six days one week and five days the next week.

Regarding this big and small week for all employees, Liu Feng said: Sunday in the West is the beginning of the week. Many teams hold regular meetings on Monday, and on Sunday employees begin to spontaneously prepare weekly reports and regular meeting content. Now 70% of the company's employees are doing big and small week. In order to make the front, middle and back ends work more closely together, Kuaishou will start big and small week for all employees.

This caused a lot of controversy, and many netizens joked: This is already an improvement! It used to be 996! From 996 intensity to big and small weeks , honkai star rail top up uid , thank the boss!

In fact, if a company the size of Kuaishou implements the long and short week model, it means that upstream and downstream companies in the industrial chain that are connected to Kuaishou will also have to follow the long and short week model, otherwise the business will not be able to be smoothly connected.

Kuaishou submitted its prospectus in November this year and is scheduled to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on February 5, 2021. It is now implementing a long and short week structure and will be "wolfish" to the end before its listing.

Lingye noticed that in October, Kuaishou was once on the hot search list. Because the toilet stalls were equipped with timers, netizens questioned the company's management as too strict.

Although Kuaishou explained that the live top up was just to count the queues and facilitate the arrangement of mobile toilets, netizens obviously did not buy it.

Some foreign-funded enterprises, for example, have also announced another "big and small week": one week out of every six weeks will have three days off.

Of course, some people also believe that as long as wages are paid in place and overtime pay is given, workers will not feel tired at all.

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