Huya Recharge Service Agreement: User Notice And Special

Huya Recharge Service Agreement

Huya provides Internet-based recharge services in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. To obtain the recharge services, the service user (hereinafter referred to as the "User") agrees to all the terms of this Agreement and completes all the recharge procedures according to the prompts on the page. The use of the recharge service by the User during the recharge process indicates that the User fully accepts all the terms under this Agreement. Before using the services provided by Huya, the User should carefully read this Service Agreement, especially the key terms. If the User does not agree to this Recharge User Agreement and/or its modifications, please stop using the services provided by Huya. This Agreement is an effective part of it. Matters not covered by this Agreement shall be subject to the "Huya User Service Agreement".

Special reminder: Huya firmly opposes underage users and other users who do not have full civil capacity (hereinafter referred to as "guardians") from using the recharge service without the consent of their guardians. Guardians are requested to entrust their guardians to operate or operate under the explicit consent and guidance of their guardians. Otherwise, please do not use this recharge service; guardians are requested to fulfill their guardianship obligations.

1. Service Content

Huya's recharge system provides a variety of recharge methods through third-party payment channels, including but not limited to Alipay, WeChat Pay, QQ Wallet, UnionPay (only open to users in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and overseas), etc. The specific recharge methods vary according to the user's self-selected needs and the policies of each distribution channel. Users can use this platform to recharge their accounts.

2. Operation method

2.1 Users can freely choose a specific recharge method on this recharge system and complete the recharge according to the procedures prompted on the corresponding page.

2.2 After users use various recharge methods to recharge, they should keep the recharge order number or recharge card as a reference for verification in the future (if the user complains about the recharge service but does not have a recharge card or other valid voucher to support it, Huya will not make any compensation or compensation).

3. Risk Warning

3.1 When using the recharge method, users must carefully confirm their account and carefully select the relevant operation options. If the user recharges the wrong account or chooses the wrong recharge type due to factors such as incorrect account input, improper operation, or lack of understanding of the recharge billing method, and thus damages their own rights and interests, Huya will not make compensation or compensation.

3.2 If the user recharges in an illegal manner or using a recharge method not specified by Huya, Huya does not guarantee that the recharge will be completed smoothly or correctly. If the user's rights are damaged as a result, Huya will not make compensation or compensation. Huya also reserves the right to terminate the user's account qualifications and use of various recharge services at any time.

3.3 Users shall not conduct any illegal or criminal activities through Huya recharge, and shall not take advantage of recharge loopholes to seek profits. Otherwise, Huya has the right to terminate the service, recover illegal profits, and transfer the case to judicial authorities in serious cases in accordance with the law.

4. Recharge successful

After the recharge is successful, the virtual currency in the account increased by the recharge can be freely used by the user mico recharge gcash . Once the user recharges successfully, the online delivery is completed. Huya does not provide refund or reverse exchange services.

5. Channel service fees

The corresponding channel providers of each recharge method may set relevant recharge channel handling fees according to their standards (which may be prompted on the recharge operation page or other pages of the channel provider) and collect them when users recharge. Huya hereby reminds users: Please pay attention to the channel provider service fees of each recharge method and choose the recharge method according to your needs.

6. If the user's recharge is false due to Huya's recharge method and it is verified to be true, Huya will make changes based on the user's recharge situation:

6.1 If the system recharge amount is less than the user's actual recharge amount due to the recharge method, Huya will make up the difference;

6.2 If the system recharge amount is greater than the user's actual recharge amount due to the recharge method, Huya has the right to recover the difference;

6.3 If the system recharge amount is less than the actual recharge amount of the user due to service fees charged by the channel operator, it does not constitute false recharge of the user.

7. Change, Interruption or Termination of Service

7.1 Huya may change the service or update the terms of this Agreement at any time according to business needs, but shall promptly indicate the modified content on the relevant pages. Once the modified service agreement is published on the page, it will replace the original service agreement.

7.2 If the online recharge service needs to be suspended due to system maintenance or upgrade, Huya will try to notify in advance.

7.3 If any of the following circumstances occurs, Huya has the right to interrupt or terminate the provision of network services under this Agreement to users at any time without notifying users:

(a) The personal information provided by the user is untrue;

(b) The User violates the usage rules set forth in this Agreement.

7.4 In addition to the circumstances stated in the preceding paragraph, Huya also reserves the right to interrupt or terminate part or all of the network recharge services at any time without prior notice to the user. Huya does not need to be responsible to the user or third party for the losses caused by the interruption or termination of the recharge service.


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