How Do Overseas Chinese Or International Students Rechar

In China, we often encounter such a situation: using Apple products , we find that we cannot download apps from the US Apple Store, such as,, and so on. At the same time, some game krypton gold discounts in the Chinese region cannot be enjoyed in foreign regions. So, for Chinese people living abroad or international students, how to recharge the Chinese Apple ID? This article will answer this question in detail and give the latest precautions.

There are two main ways to recharge your Apple ID in China: one is to use the Apple gift card code to recharge the balance, and the other is to directly set the payment method to Apple for recharging.

Method 1: Use Apple gift card code to top up the balance. The advantage of this method is that it is convenient and fast. You only need to copy the card code and redeem it in the Apple store. However, it should be noted that the gift card must be from a legitimate source, the card code must be legal, and black cards must not be used. Otherwise, the account may be blocked, which is not worth the loss.

Method 2: Directly set the payment method to Apple to recharge. The advantage of this method is that there are various payment methods, including Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay card and quick payment (Capital Easy Payment). However, for overseas students and Chinese, they may not have a UnionPay card in mainland China. In this case, you can choose to find a reliable recharge website to recharge.

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