Douyin Releases 2022 Douyin Minor Protection Data Report

On the eve of Children's Day, Douyin released the "2022 Douyin Minor Protection Data Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"). The report counts Douyin's progress in youth mode upgrades, high-quality content pool construction, platform governance and other aspects since the implementation of the new "Minor Protection Law" on June 1, 2021.

The report shows that since September last year, Douyin has launched the most stringent youth mode in the history of the platform. All real-name authenticated users under the age of 14 have entered the youth mode and cannot exit on their own. At the same time, Douyin is also continuing to build a pool of high-quality content for the youth mode. With the help of the "Mengzhi Plan" and the "Galaxy Knowledge Plan", an average of 9,146 high-quality content is added to the youth mode every day. In terms of platform governance, Douyin also continues to escort young people; in response to suspected underage consumption issues, Douyin has established a "pre-prevention-interception-post-refund" mechanism. Currently, 97% of the applications, verifications, and refunds can be completed within 24 hours.

The strictest youth mode in the platform's history, real-name authenticated users under 14 years old can enter directly

Douyin is one of the earliest Internet platforms in China to continuously invest in the protection of minors. So far, it has launched three major protection tools: youth mode, time management and parent-child platform, to jointly protect the healthy growth of young people.

On June 1 last year, the new version of the "Minors Protection Law" was officially implemented, which added a special chapter on "Internet protection" to provide Internet protection for minors from a legislative perspective. Against this background, Douyin also upgraded its protection measures for minors.

The report shows that since September last year, Douyin has launched the most stringent anti-addiction measures for teenagers in the platform's history. All real-name authenticated users under the age of 14 have entered the youth mode and cannot exit on their own. For real-name authenticated users aged 14-18, Douyin provides stricter security protection in content recommendation, social networking, search, etc., such as prohibiting the display of personal information other than avatars and nicknames to strangers.

In the teen mode of Douyin, users can only use it for 40 minutes a day by default, and cannot use it from 10 pm to 6 am the next day. The entrances of Douyin such as "Same City" and "Hot Search" will be hidden, and teenagers cannot use private messaging and live broadcast functions, let alone recharge and reward.

It is worth noting that Douyin has also set up an exit vulnerability prevention mechanism for the youth mode. If the account is already in the youth mode, methods such as uninstalling the APP and reinstalling it, changing the mobile phone to log in, etc. are ineffective, and the account will be forced to enter the youth mode again when going online.

Recently, Douyin has also optimized the parent-child platform experience. When parents open the parent-child protection guide page, they can see more detailed functions such as managing their children's usage time, introducing colorful content for teenagers, and viewing weekly usage reports. At the same time, the parent-child account binding method has also been optimized.

Providing exclusive content for young people, with an average of 9,146 new high-quality content added every day

Short video platforms are not only a tool for young people to obtain information, but also a bridge for them to explore the world. The report shows that in order to meet the content needs of young people and stimulate their interest in learning, the content pool of Douyin's youth mode focuses on general knowledge and education, supplemented by light entertainment, taking into account the requirements of knowledge systematization and age adaptation.

Since Children's Day last year, Douyin has successively launched the "Mengzhi Project" and the "Galaxy Knowledge Project", jointly launched the "100,000 Whys" series of short videos with the Children's Publishing House, and launched the "Douyin Cloud Tour" plan with the Palace Museum, continuously providing young people with rich and high-quality content.

As of now, Douyin’s youth mode has covered multiple content categories including language learning, Chinese classics poetry, safety education, talent and sports, traditional culture, picture book stories, etc., with an average of 9,146 new high-quality videos added every day.

The report shows that painting and handicrafts, talents, and animals and plants are ranked in the top three of the top ten content categories most loved by teenagers. Anime characters are the favorite of teenagers. In the TikTok youth mode, the top three searches are Ultraman, Peppa Pig, and cartoons.

In addition to providing high-quality content for young people, Douyin's youth mode has launched voice search, natural science popularization and other functions since last year. Recently, it has also launched the "Identify Everything" function, which allows young users to take photos to identify plants and animals, and view related text and video introductions to expand their knowledge. The person in charge of Douyin's youth mode said that more functions will be launched in succession to enrich and optimize the experience of young friends and help them learn knowledge more actively and systematically.

An average of 80,000 pieces of inappropriate content are removed daily to continuously protect the health of young people

Douyin also continues to manage accounts and content that infringe on the rights of minors through technology, products and operations. The report shows that from June 2021 to May 2022, Douyin removed an average of more than 80,000 pieces of content that endangered the physical and mental health of minors every day, and banned an average of 337 youth-unfriendly accounts every day. In addition, Douyin intercepted more than 20,000 high-risk behaviors such as defrauding minors every day.

In response to the suspected live broadcast consumption by minors due to the failure to activate the youth mode in time, Douyin has also launched a mechanism of "pre-prevention – interception during the event – refund after the event". In terms of pre-prevention, in the youth mode, users cannot start and watch live broadcasts, and there are no entrances for recharge and reward; outside the youth mode, real names must be used to start broadcasts, and minors cannot start live broadcasts. The report shows that Douyin clears an average of 178 accounts of minors broadcasting every day.

In terms of interception during the process, if the system detects that the consumption account is suspected to be a minor, it will immediately pop up a window to the account and require real-name authentication. If the user refuses authentication or authenticates as a minor, the consumption will be blocked by the system and the account will be prohibited from recharging on Douyin. At present, the system intercepts more than 120,000 consumption accounts suspected of being minors every day.

In terms of post-event refunds, Douyin established a refund process for minors as early as 2018. Minors who make rewards without the permission of their guardians will be fully refunded within 24 hours after verification by the platform. The report shows that the average time from application to verification and refund is about 21 hours, of which 97% can be completed within 24 hours.

In addition, Douyin has set up a youth protection customer service hotline to provide continuous services for parents and minors. Data shows that the customer service hotline serves an average of 1,091 people per day, and 80% of calls can be connected within 20 seconds.

Xinmin Evening News reporter Jin Zhigang


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