Douyin Officially Launches The Sunflower Project To Help

IT Home reported on July 26 that this afternoon, Douyin officially announced the launch of the "Sunflower Project".

In order to help minors grow up healthily, Douyin will launch 10 measures in multiple aspects such as audit, product, and content. Douyin said that it hopes that every child can grow towards the sunshine like a sunflower, and also hopes to give every child sunshine, rain and dew , so that every child can feel warm and beautiful. At the same time, this is also the first systematic protection plan among domestic short video platforms that focuses on the healthy growth of minors.

It is reported that the new "Sunflower Plan" will launch 10 measures in multiple aspects such as audit, product, and content. Specifically , Douyin will upgrade the audit model for minors and set up a special audit team for minors, including setting up a special reporting portal related to the safety of minors and punishing the acts that infringe the rights of minors.

Douyin will upgrade its management tools for minors and set up three firewalls of "real-name verification + face recognition + manual review" to prevent minors from live streaming. Douyin will also conduct real-name verification for sensitive account top-up consumption and fully refund minors who top up without parental consent.

In the newly upgraded Youth Mode function, Douyin will further optimize the viewing restriction function and include the prohibition of live broadcasting. When users turn on the upgraded Youth Mode, they will not be able to live broadcast, recharge, reward, or withdraw money while using Douyin.

On June 12 this year, Douyin announced that its daily active users in China exceeded 150 million, and its monthly active users exceeded 300 million. Douyin's growth rate is amazing. During the Spring Festival this year, Douyin's daily active users nearly doubled, from less than 40 million to nearly 70 million.

In mid-July, TikTok's global monthly active users exceeded 500 million.

In June this year, Douyin banned 33,146 accounts, cleaned up 27,578 videos, 9,415 audios and 235 challenges. Most of the banned content involved insults, pornography and other vulgar and low-quality content.


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