Apple Store Applications Vary Greatly In Different Count

Apple store has different apps and games in different countries. People registered in China cannot download foreign apps, such as , TIK TOK, etc. Some apps are only available to UK IDs or foreign Apple IDs, including game krypton gold discounts or song downloads, etc.

So how do you recharge Apple Store in the US/Australia/UK/Canada/New Zealand regions, etc.?

1. Use the official gift card code to recharge your Apple balance

It is a virtual recharge card developed by Apple, which is a very popular hard currency abroad. It can be seen everywhere in physical convenience stores and gas stations abroad, and even some companies will use gift cards as rewards to employees, so you can directly use it to recharge yalla ludo recharge , for purchasing, software and so on.

2. You can bind and recharge via local bank cards

This comparison is relatively troublesome and requires several verifications.

To sum up, whether considering the time and energy cost, the simpler way to recharge is to purchase official gift cards and redeem them for account use.

If you are a Chinese living abroad or an international student, it is very convenient, many convenience stores sell gift cards. But if you graduate and return to China, it will be very difficult to buy gift cards and recharge them directly. Many Taobao stores sold them before, but now Taobao has removed them . Is there no way?

[I Want to Buy Cards Network] Help you solve the problem of purchasing global gift cards!

Why do you recommend [I want to buy a card network]?

1. Settled in Taobao, we have rich experience, are supervised by Taobao, and are trustworthy!

2. In order to meet the needs of more user groups, the store has a more complete range of products and preferential prices!

3. The website supports multiple payment methods such as WeChat and Alipay, which is more convenient!

Game gift cards from the United States/Canada/Australia/New Zealand/UK and other regions around the world, including Apple, Play, Uber/Uber Eats, etc., look for [I Want to Buy Cards Network] for convenience and speed.

The mall supports WeChat/Alipay payment, with preferential prices and fast card issuance.


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