A Woman Was Defrauded Of More Than 100,000 Yuan By Fake

In just a few days, Ms. Ding's account had made a profit of 70,000 yuan, so she planned to withdraw the money to her bank card to reward herself. At this time, Ms. Ding found that the system prompted that she could not withdraw the money, so she asked the customer service. The customer service refused to return the money for various reasons, including that Ms. Ding's bank card number was wrong, her account was frozen, and she still needed to make donations to charity, and continued to induce her to increase the amount of the order before she could withdraw the money. By the time Ms. Ding realized that she had been cheated, she had already been cheated of more than 100,000 yuan.

Case Analysis:

Five steps to fake order fraud:

first step:

They post recruitment ads through social platforms such as QQ, WeChat, and Douyin, using the slogan "Just move your fingers and earn over ten thousand yuan a month" to lure people into the trap.

Step 2:

After joining the group, I found that someone in the group posted an order, saying that they had successfully withdrawn money and it was not a scam. The victim let down his guard and scanned the code to download the order-brushing APP.

third step:

The tasks for small orders are simple. You only need to like or follow the official account or video account, and the victim’s commission and principal will be paid on time. The victims tasted the sweetness and completely believed the scammers.

the fourth step:

The scammers claim that small orders have been sold out, and induce them to place large orders or three consecutive orders, claiming that the more they swipe , the more they get. At this time, the victims will be confused by the high rewards and fall deeper and deeper.

the fifth step:

When the victim intends to withdraw cash, the fraudsters use various reasons such as system jam, system error, account activation, and multiple consecutive tasks that need to be completed at one time to ask the victim to continue investing the principal until the victim realizes that they have been cheated.

Police reminder:

1. Rebates for fake orders are all scams. Don’t be greedy for small profits and suffer big losses.

2. Be cautious when adding strangers as WeChat/QQ friends. Do not click on links from strangers or scan codes to download unknown apps.

3. Never believe the scammer’s refund promise, bigo live recharge 5000 diamond , and re-enter the market to recharge and unfreeze to avoid being scammed repeatedly.

4. Once you find that you have been cheated, save the other party’s phone number, QQ, WeChat, chat records and other information, and call the police in time.

5. Download the "National Anti-Fraud Center" APP, enable the fraud warning function, and effectively prevent fraud.


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