I Am The Mayor 2022 Cracked Version Brief Description Fr

The latest cracked version of I Am the Mayor in 2022 provides everyone with cracking benefits such as full map unlocking, unlimited banknotes, and gold coin keys. I am the mayor 2022 latest cracked version. This is a very popular simulation city building game. It's a city-building game where you can build a small county into an international metropolis, which gives you a sense of accomplishment. You will also become the mayor of this city!

SimCity I am the Mayor 2022 cracked version brief description

SimCity I am the Mayor 2022 latest cracked version of free SimCity. This is currently everyone’s favorite simulation construction game. This game has a lot of great gameplay, here's a lot of great gameplay, and here's even more great gameplay. In the latest cracked version of SimCity I am the Mayor 2022, the function of unlimited gold coin banknotes has been modified. Players can build the city according to the role of the mayor in the latest cracked version of SimCity I Am the Mayor 2022. Friends who like it can try downloading the latest cracked version of SimCity I Am the Mayor 2022, which will give you different game fun.

SimCity I am the Mayor 2022 cracked version instructions

Unlimited gold coins

unlimited banknotes

unlimited keys

installation tips:

1. After installing the game, do not start the game first. Keep the phone connected to the Internet first, then open the mobile application management. Find the game and turn off all network controls (wifi and data traffic permissions). Some models are turned off in permission management. Just enter the game again.

2. If you download Tomorrow's Capital (the same goes for the map) and the network permissions are turned off, and you disconnect and click download, a download error will appear. At this time, turn on the network permissions (don't turn on the traffic first), and then return to the game and it will continue. A download error pops up in the game progress bar. At this time, open the Internet and click Restart, and the download will start! (Emphasis: when the progress bar is full , live top up , just disconnect the network immediately)

SimCity I am the Mayor 2022 Cracked Version Layout Guide

Ports, airports and other buildings in the game require the city's population to reach a certain size before they can be unlocked. In addition, the game's population achievements will also provide a large number of "green banknotes" rewards.

How to properly utilize the limited land resources in the early stage and allow the urban population to develop rapidly? Building a compact city is undoubtedly a good way. The following provides a basic idea of ​​​​the layout, let us look at it together!

In "SimCity: I Am the Mayor", buildings such as roads, residences, service facilities, and landscapes will occupy land resources. Taking the shortest stretch of road as a reference, the housing area is 2X2. The most advanced fire stations, police stations and hospitals occupy an area of ​​2X4.

By avoiding the design of too many forks, more land resources can be saved for building residences or park-like buildings to increase the population ratio. The road design method for reference here is to use two horizontal roads to divide the residential area and try not to build longitudinal roads.

If high-level fire stations, police stations and hospitals are arranged compactly, the houses that can be covered are as shown in the picture above (the blue, red and yellow parts in the picture represent the three types of service facilities, and the green parts represent residences or other buildings).

The left and right sides of the city entrance correspond to the mountain area unlocked at level 23 and the beach unlocked at level 15. However, the distances between the two areas from the city entrance are not equal, they are 36 and 13 respectively (the purple part in the picture is the city entrance). Since the alpine areas and beaches extend upward from the city entrance, it is recommended to build factories, power stations and other buildings that may cause pollution in the upper left position.

It is also important not to just build housing, build parks, schools appropriately and cover as many residences as possible, so as to increase the urban population more effectively! By the way, universities can cover as much residential area as advanced fire protection bureaus, police stations and hospitals (the purple part in the picture below is the university 4X4, and the green part is the residential area it covers).

SimCity I am the Mayor 2022 cracked version features

Build your city

With countless buildings and realistic 3D graphics, it can be called the most realistic city construction game on mobile platforms. Place buildings strategically to keep tax revenue flowing and your city growing. Pinch to zoom, 360-degree rotation, manage and expand your city easily on your mobile device whether you are online or offline.

Make your city come alive

Create resources and outline the city. Then trade resources with friends and other cities. Complete shipping orders and deliver goods from the airport. Build a Tokyo-style neighborhood and unlock exclusive buildings like the Statue of Liberty and the Arc de Triomphe. Expand on the waterfront and add marinas, water parks, and more. You can even launch natural and unnatural disasters like flying saucers!

Make your citizens happy

Solve real-life challenges such as traffic problems, fires and pollution. Provide your citizens with utilities like power generation and police stations to meet their needs, and provide parks and education to boost your population. Spacious streets and trams keep traffic flowing smoothly, no matter how busy it is. Complete various interesting challenges and build a harmonious community.

Earn rewards through competitions

Challenge other players from around the world in the Mayor Contest! Fight your way through the leagues until you reach the top. Complete new challenges every week and work your way up the rankings to reach the Metropolis Elite League.

SimCity I am the Mayor 2022 Cracked Version Advantages

1. Use acceleration coins to speed up production

Players click to enter the store and can see acceleration options on the right side of the production interface.

After clicking on the acceleration coin option, players can see that there are three types of acceleration coins, namely turtle acceleration coins, llama acceleration coins and cheetah acceleration coins.

Acceleration coins can be obtained by participating in mayor competitions and upgrading epic buildings.

2. Go shopping at the Global Trade Center

I have introduced how to play the Global Trade Center before. Players can go shopping from time to time, and maybe they can find cheap and urgently needed materials.

3. Visit other mayors’ cities to open gifts

This small benefit has been introduced before. It does not require spending green coins or gold coins.You just need to be more hands-on and go shopping in other people's cities, and you might be able to pick up some good stuff.

Highlights of SimCity I am the Mayor 2022 cracked version

1. The global version has been downloaded more than 15.5 million times within three weeks of its launch.

2. It once topped the download list for one week in iOS China.

3. Real 3D design takes you to experience the city that never sleeps where citizens are flourishing.

4. Expand the urban beach along the coast and create a gorgeous coastal landscape by yourself.

5. The airport system takes you across the country and brings you home to famous towns such as Tokyo and Paris.

6. Cast disasters and dominate urban catastrophes; rebuild homes and obtain famous landmark materials.

SimCity I am the Mayor 2022 cracked version gameplay

1. Build a high-end factory

The factory can produce raw materials at the same time. In other words, the more manufacturing columns the factory has, the more raw materials it can produce at the same time. Therefore, trying to build a high-level factory can increase the production speed of raw materials.

2. Upgrade the store

When the player's city level meets the requirements for upgrading the store, he can pay simulation coins to upgrade the store, thereby increasing the speed of the store's production of goods.

3. Use acceleration coins

When manufacturing goods, using acceleration coins on the store can greatly increase the speed of manufacturing goods. The game has three types of accelerating coins, among which the Cheetah Coin has the most outstanding acceleration effect. Acceleration coins can be obtained by collecting acceleration coin fragments produced by epic buildings. In addition, participating in the mayor competition and reaching a good ranking will also be rewarded with acceleration coins.

4. Trade with other players

Using the Global Trade Center, players can pay simulated coins to purchase the goods they want from other players selling goods. Please note that you may not be the only one who wants to buy some in-demand products, and a good internet speed will help you grab the items you want.

5. Visit the cities of Daniel and other players

When players visit Daniel or other players' cities, they have a chance to receive a visit gift box. After opening the gift box, you can get random items, including various commodities. In addition, Daniel sells various products at low prices every day.

6. Club

In addition to the appeal method to quickly obtain goods, when a player's city reaches a level that allows him to join the Mayor's Club, he can also ask for help from other players through the Mayor's Club. Find an active mayor's club with a good atmosphere, and exchange goods with club partners, which can quickly help you solve problems!


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