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Hello everyone, I am the flower of the courtyard

After posting last time

Many friends came to consult

Generally speaking, people ask more questions about the UK

topup_recharge center_recharge top up

Especially for top-up first and then master’s degree

I'm still hesitant to go through the preparatory course first and then the master's degree.

Because the duration is similar, the cost is also similar.

I always feel that there is not much difference between them

Then today the hospital flower will come and talk to you.

How should I choose between the two?

topup_recharge center_recharge top up

Advantage comparison

We all know that the advantage of a pre-master's program is certainty. If we are considering a pre-master's program for regular junior college studies, it is best to apply to the University of Glasgow. This is now the highest-ranking school in the UK that offers a pre-master's program to accept junior college students. This certainty is something that gives students more peace of mind than taking the college-to-undergraduate exam or the postgraduate entrance exam.

But the main advantage of top-up is that you can get your academic qualifications, including bachelor's and master's degrees, which is also the basic need of many students.

Ranking comparison

So since you choose to go to the UK to improve your academic qualifications, everyone wants to go to a good school and a high-ranking school. After learning about top-up, everyone discovered that the rankings of top-up schools are generally not high, such as Coventry, Kent, Oxford Brookes, etc., which are relatively good, and there are also lower schools such as Xieha and Sunderland, so This step actually “dissuaded” many people.

recharge top up_recharge center_topup

So first of all, why is the ranking of top-up schools so low? Literally translated as top-up, it actually means recharging or upgrading. It refers to a project to improve academic qualifications , top up ragnarok origin , so it is more similar to domestic junior college to bachelor's degree. So whether this improvement occurs at home or abroad, the schools opened will not be particularly high. Schools with higher rankings focus more on scientific research. Except for top schools, other schools are relatively pragmatic, so they care more about the combination of their students' knowledge and practice, and pay more attention to the admission rate and employment rate after graduation.

Admission data

It can be seen that these schools in the UK offer top-up courses, and they have enough time and energy to take care of these courses. At the same time, they can also bring more employment or further education data after undergraduate studies to the school. Speaking of further education, if you want to apply for a master's degree in the UK after graduating from top-up, which school can you apply to? Many students are very curious and feel that there is not much information about honor of king topup online, and there are no students taking this path around, making their choice very difficult. Now the college flower will directly show you the offers applied by this year's top-up students.


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