When Will The Honor Of Kings Magic Pattern System B

When will the Honor of Kings magic pattern system be released? The Honor of Kings international version AOV has a new magic pattern system. The magic patterns can be obtained for free. It replaces the inscription system. Below, the editor also brings you the prediction of the launch time of the Honor of Kings magic pattern system. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Prediction of launch time of King of Glory magic pattern system

This depends on the testing situation of the AOV magic pattern system. The official has indeed tested new gameplay in the international server before, and then put it into the national server after it performed well. For example, the drag signal prompt this season was tested on the AOV first. , but the magic pattern system is different from the signal prompts. This has a great impact on the balance of game heroes. Even if honkai star rail top up via uid is to be launched, it will take a long time to test so many heroes in the national server, so there are two possibilities:

First, not online

After all, AOV is an international server. The difference between the international server and the national server is quite big. Moreover, not all the things in the international server will be transferred to the national server. The same is true for the national server. In addition, if the performance is relatively average, there is no need for the national server to have magic patterns. system.

Second, it will be online, but it will take several seasons.

It is impossible to directly release the normal payment method in the s19 season. After all, the new season will start in more than a month. The official must at least test it first, and then put it into the trial server for testing before finally entering the official server. At this time, the editor It is expected that the fastest will be after the s20 season, when the magic pattern system test is relatively smooth.

The above is the entire content of the prediction of the launch time of the Honor of Kings Magic Pattern system brought to you by the editor. Do all players understand the relevant information? The follow-up guide will continue to be updated. Friends who like it can pay attention to the mobile phone to play.


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