Teamfight Tactics National Server Golden Shovel Bat

When League of Legends TFT was first released, it was extremely popular. Many people opened the LOL client just to play chess. Unfortunately, the subsequent changes to the TFT version were somewhat unsatisfactory, which resulted in the loss of many players, and many people still miss the version of the S1 season. Today, August 26th, Teamfight Tactics’ national server “Golden Shovel War” was officially launched. The official launched various campaigns and advertisements, and found a large number of players and female commentators to compete for hegemony. They were able to draw QB in the palm league, and also followed LOL's 10th anniversary skin treasure chest points are linked, attracting many players to experience it, and the server is full and there is a queue!

However, Golden Shovel War has been criticized during the closed beta. Why are Chinese players so disgusted with this mobile game? Let’s experience it together!

First of all, the cutscenes of the Battle of the Golden Shovel are quite exquisite, but as soon as you enter the game, an advertisement for Ultimate Yasuo pops up, which is a bit ugly. The Battle of the Golden Shovel is not interoperable with the LOL national server. Little Heroes and board special effects have to be repurchased. The recharge consumption is priced the same as other mobile games. This alone has dissuaded many players, and everyone has made a plan in the national server. Samsung Hero, I have to do it all over again to play Golden Shovel, I must be worried about the loss!

The game quality of Golden Shovel War is obviously not up to standard, the interface animation is like a fraudulent advertisement, and the actual model has a plastic feel that is similar to the pesticide next door. Compare it to Riot Games’ official Genting mobile game TFT. That’s called the original flavor, and the level of sophistication is basically not much different from the original version. The game has only entered three rounds, and already three people cannot accept the style of painting and have simply surrendered and quit the game!

It’s okay if the model is a little bad. The most criticized thing about the Battle of the Golden Shovel is that he randomly changed the original painting of the hero mico recharge gcash , replacing the master-level original painting of Riot Games with the work of a domestic artist. Like this leopard girl, I don’t mention the name. No one recognizes it! There are also some weird magical changes, such as the Death Song being renamed Elegy, the Demonic Bond becoming a Fairy Bond, and the Blood-Drinking Sword being directly painted green…

Although there is a "store display original painting" function in the game settings, Qinggang Yingnuoshou has not changed the original painting, but it is still very embarrassing. It is estimated that the TFT approval cannot be obtained, so the Chinese server can only create its own mobile games, which cannot be completely copied, and there are many restrictions. In the end, it is completely different.

However, there is still no problem with the gameplay of Golden Shovel War. If you want to go retro in S1, choose Moment Crack mode. If you want to continue playing S5.5, choose Dawn of Heroes mode. You can freely choose between two seasons. In addition to violent mode, you can also create your own two-player mode. model. Compared with the Chinese S5 version, Golden Shovel Double Season is indeed a little fresher. This is also the biggest advantage of this game.

Many players sneered at Golden Shovel War. They downloaded the game just for 80 points and drawing QB, and then deleted the game after playing it once. But there are also many players who choose to stay and continue playing after experiencing the game. After all, it is troublesome to open the accelerator in TFT for foreign servers. For players who have never played Teamfight Tactics, the game experience of Golden Shovel War is not bad, no matter how rubbish it is Can't say no to a double season either. TFT can't come out anyway, so just play with the Golden Shovel if you can. Anyway, it doesn't make much difference if you don't pay for nothing.

So have you tried the Golden Shovel Battle? Can you accept the style of this mobile game? Welcome to leave a message and share your views!


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