Global Mobile Game Revenue Rankings: Top 10

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Not long ago, Tower, a well-known mobile application data analysis company, announced the global mobile game revenue rankings for January 2023. It is divided into overall ranking, ranking and Google market ranking. Which games are on the list? What's the mystery in this? I will give you an analysis today!

Note: The data does not include third-party Android markets in China and other regions.

Overall ranking: The top 10 are "Glory of Kings", "PUBGM", "Genshin Impact", "Candy Crush Saga", "", "Coin Master", "Monster Marbles", "Dream Garden", "NIKKE" , "FGO"

The top three remain unchanged and are still the three major games: "Honor of Kings", "PUBGM" and "Genshin Impact".

Tencent's "Honor of Kings" continues to be the first yalla ludo live recharge , leading the way with revenue of US$250 million (approximately 1.7 billion yuan), a month-on-month increase of 29%. It is also the second-largest product in the TOP10.

Another Tencent game "PUBGM" ranked second on the list with revenue of nearly 200 million US dollars (approximately 1.4 billion yuan).

"Genshin Impact" ranks third on the list with revenue of US$150 million (approximately 1 billion yuan).

Although these three giants are still at the forefront, their income is still a bit interesting during the Spring Festival.

According to relevant media reports, during the seven days of the Spring Festival, Tencent's "Honor of Kings" not only updated and introduced new heroes – Lesio, new maps, seasons, and other elements, but also relied on the mystery shop, treasure pavilion activities, and the exclusive bunny cake activities for the Spring Festival. Along with a series of Spring Festival activities such as the Year of the Rabbit limited skin that everyone loves to see, during the Spring Festival, which is a good time to make money, I made a lot of money. The estimated income reached 36.2081 million US dollars (approximately RMB 240 million), and successfully occupied the " Ranking No. 1 in "Game Spring Festival Revenue Ranking"!

In fact, at 0 o'clock on New Year's Eve, due to the influx of many players who stopped to recharge coupons, the Honor of Kings recharge system even crashed.

The next highest revenue during the Spring Festival is "Peace Elite", another game owned by Tencent, with estimated revenue of US$14.3418 million (approximately 100 million yuan).

It is worth mentioning that in addition to "Honor of Kings" and "Peace Elite", Tencent's 10 games including "Cross Fire", "Golden Shovel War", and "League of Legends Mobile Game" have entered the "Game Spring Festival" The top 30 in the "Ranking of Gear Revenue", with a total revenue of US$67.5318 million (approximately RMB 459 million), accounting for more than 60%, far ahead of other manufacturers.

"Genshin Impact"'s Spring Festival Lantern Festival top up mico live codashop failed to keep it in the third place in terms of revenue.

Maybe it's because Alhaysen, who was in the UP pool in January, is a male character after all. Although he looks really handsome and speaks critically, the sales of male characters are generally on the low side.

But, even if Alhaysen has zero turnover, it will not affect MiHoYo from draining your new year's money and year-end bonus. After all, Elhaysen's card pool is followed by Yelan and Hutao's replica UP pool, as well as the weapon UP pool of Gomo + Ruoshui. It is basically the most fragrant pool since the server was launched. I'm afraid it's a trick to suppress first and then increase. !

App Store: The top ten are "Glory of Kings", "PUBGM", "Genshin Impact", "Candy Crush Saga", "", "Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition", "Cross Fire Mobile Game", "Eggman Party" , "Monster Marbles", "The Battle of the Golden Shovel"

Play: The top ten are "Coin Master", "Candy Crush Saga", "Genshin Impact", "", "NIKKE", "Paradise M", "FGO", "Monster Pinball", "Fantasy Garden", "Jockey Girl"

The revenue rankings of the App Store are obviously affected by the Spring Festival this month. The revenue of Tencent games has increased significantly. Even the long-awaited "Crossfire", "Spade Battle" and "League of Legends Mobile Games" All entered the top ten rankings.

However, what is surprising is that during the Spring Festival, NetEase’s “Egg Boy Party” also broke into the top ten. Moreover, it surpassed "Genshin Impact" to rank third in the "Game Spring Festival Revenue Ranking".

"Eggman Party" is a casual mobile game that NetEase launched in public beta at the end of May last year. Its basic gameplay is similar to that of Fall Bean Man. "Eggman Party" has launched a variety of festive activities during the Spring Festival, including red envelope rain, fireworks shows and other special gameplay with a strong Spring Festival atmosphere. During the Spring Festival, you can see the themed live broadcast of "Eggman Party" on all major live broadcast platforms . "Egg Boy Party" earned 50 million yuan this time during the Spring Festival, so it can be said to be a dark horse.

In fact, since December 23 last year, "Egg Party" has been at the top of the iOS free list for more than a month, and it has become the mainstay of NetEase's revenue and traffic growth during the Spring Festival. It can be said that it is no surprise.

A surprising question: What mobile game did you spend the most money on in January 2023?


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