(Weird News) Zhao Yun And The Five Tigers Will Anno

Hello everyone, this is Mr. Wei Ke!

Yesterday I revealed to you the skins of Zhao Yun’s Five Tiger Generals. Since there were a lot of news yesterday, some information about the activities during the May 5th Black Festival was not mentioned. Today I will give you a detailed introduction! At the same time, it also brings some news about the skins of the five tiger generals that have not yet been revealed!

Open testing of zone transfer function

The zone transfer function that was previously revealed to everyone has now started a limited test in the King’s Camp. There are a limit of 5,000 places per day, refreshed at 10 o’clock, and zone transfer consumes 990 Glory Coins (99 yuan).

Currently, it is supported to transfer from Android to IOS, but transfer between QQ area and WeChat area is not supported. If you need to transfer areas, you can open the King’s Camp and find the entrance to the area transfer in [Game Tools].

Daily recharge activities

During the event period from May 1st to May 5th, the daily recharge activity yalla ludo payment will be launched. Those who reach 2000 points can get a random defeating special effect (one of the golden rat blessing defeating special effect and the Nirvana Phoenix defeating special effect) , but if you don’t particularly want this special effect, it is recommended to recharge to the level of 300 points.

If you are ready to buy the Supreme Treasure, then you can recharge 300 coupons for 3 days in a row. However, there will be skins for the Five Tiger Generals later. You can also recharge 300 coupons for 5 days in a row. Then in total, you can get additional: 30 skin fragments and 300 glory points. , 5 points treasure coupon. Still quite cost-effective.

How to save money on buying Supreme Treasure

Diandiankaihei official website recharge_Diandiankaihei official website recharge_Diandiankaihei official website recharge’/>

From May 1st to May 5th, the Supreme Treasure will be sold directly for the last time, priced at 888 points. Wei Ke is here to give you some purchasing suggestions. First, you can participate in the daily recharge activity. You can redeem 30 coupons every day. If you recharge for 3 consecutive days, you can get a lot of extra glory points and skin fragments.

Secondly, you can go to the mall to buy this [Lucky Discount Card Gift Pack] (online in 5.1). There is a high probability that you can get a discount card with 20 or 30 points. If you are lucky and draw a discount card with 100 or 200 points, then It’s a great deal, and you only need 688 points to get it. However, it is recommended that you do not go for ragnarok origin recharge . You can look at the probability below. It is still difficult to get a large discount card.

After yesterday’s update, the Fragment Store has also been updated. I would like to give you some redemption suggestions. In terms of heroes, Xi Shi has been strengthened recently and can be considered for redemption; in addition, Huang Zhong is definitely a T1-level presence among shooters this season; Mengqi will be reshaped soon, and those who do not have this hero can also give priority to redemption.

In terms of skins, Xiahou Dun’s Riding the Wind and Waves is worth changing. After all, there are many stars with good quality. Secondly, Bai Qi’s Starry Night Prince is actually pretty good in modeling, but if you don’t particularly like it, I don’t particularly recommend that you exchange it. Bai Qi will redo it. The special effects after Starry Night Prince are not as good as White Death.

Five Tiger Generals-Huang Zhong online time

Yesterday we revealed to everyone that the skin of the Five Tiger General Zhao Yun will be released on May 5th. Today, a weirdo discovered the next exposed skin of the Five Tiger General Zhao Yun in the joint event between Honor of Kings and Douyu – Huang Zhong! Moreover, it is basically confirmed that the skin of Huang Zhong, the Five Tiger General, will be launched on May 8th.

Total recent skin prices

Yesterday, a friend left a message on the article asking Weird, if you can calculate how much the skins will cost during the 55 Black Festival. Today I will make an inventory for you! However, since the skins of the Five Tigers will be launched after the May Day holiday, it has been confirmed that they will be launched and the price has been announced, so they are also included in the calculation.

The currently known skin prices are as follows:

Yao-Meet the Divine Deer 710 points for the first week

Sun Wukong-Supreme Treasure 888 Points Coupon

Five Tiger Generals-Zhao Yun 710 points in the first week

The skins of the five tiger generals will most likely have the configuration of 4 epics and 1 legend. Therefore, it is speculated that the price of the remaining five tiger generals is: 4*710+1430=4270 points. Therefore, during the entire May 5th Black Festival, the minimum requirement to purchase all skins is: 710+888+4270=5868 points (586.8 yuan). This is the price taking into account the first-week discount. If the first-week discount is not taken into account, a total of 7116 coupons (711.6 yuan) will be needed.

How about it, can your wallet still hold up?

Weird May Day Welfare

Bonus 1: Free Supreme Treasure skin

The Supreme Treasure returns for the last time. Although the skins have been given away a bit frequently recently, Weird Guy decided to bear the pain and dig into his pocket to give everyone some benefits! During the return of the Supreme Treasure skin, fans will be drawn to give away a Supreme Treasure skin! There are also battle order advanced cards!

Drawn by a third-party lottery tool, click [Weird Benefits] on the official account menu bar to participate! The lottery will be drawn at 12 noon on May 3rd! Prizes can be redeemed! After the lottery is drawn, contact customer service WeChat () to claim your prize!

Because Weiguo hopes that our activities and articles can be better spread, we also have a small request for the winners:

The first prize winner must invite at least one person to help.

Otherwise, you can only receive 1 skin with 288 points.

There is no assistance requirement for the second prize.

Invite friends to successfully participate in the lottery according to the prompts, and your contribution will be considered a success!

Bonus 2: Try the mini game to draw skins

I would like to recommend to you a game that geeks are playing recently. It is very fun. You can click “Skin Benefits” on the menu bar of the official account to enter the game and try it out!

From now on, send your game screenshots to the public account for conversation. On May 4th, Weird will draw 1 fan from the screenshots and also give you a Supreme Treasure skin or 888 points coupon! (The winning list will be announced in the push article on May 4)

Okay, that’s all for today. What do you want to say about today’s content? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss!

Follow the WeChat public account of “E-Sports Geek” and leave a message at the bottom of the article for a chance to receive a skin as a gift from Geek!

Daily skin benefits

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Zhu Bajie-more than every year

(Can be exchanged for skins of the same price)

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