The Knight Certificate Prize Pool Is Newly Launche

[Knight’s Certificate prize pool is newly launched]

Little Arthur, join the battle!

The new S+ level pet “Mini Arthur”, the S-level tactical submachine gun “Sword of the King”, and the self-propelled mine launcher A-level appearance “Thunder Pursuit” are newly launched!

After obtaining the pet “Mini Arthur”, you can cultivate and upgrade it to unlock its exclusive interactive actions and cool special effects.

The prize pool is equipped with an online lottery gift pack activity. Share the game to receive gift certificates. If you purchase the gift pack, you can get lottery tickets at a great value!

[The new mecha “Shiranui” appears in the mobile city]

lol Thanksgiving Celebration__Mobile Urban Activities

Shiranui from the eastern island is a machine that highlights female beauty and dance charm.

_lol Thanksgiving Celebration_Mobile Urban Activities

The main weapon releases high-heat plasma top up domino higgs , causing a lot of damage to enemies at medium and close range; the “Jinghong” jump engine and extremely light body weight give Shiranui the ability to flexibly cut into the battlefield, combined with the “Lishang” fan shape As an energy projector, Shiranui can easily occupy a favorable attack position; after using “Jinghong” to move at high speed, Shiranui will dance with blazing flames at the landing point, delivering a fatal blow to enemies around the landing point, elegantly and quickly to end the battle.

With sparks filling the sky, butterflies flying, and dancing like an elf on the battlefield, Shiranui will show the “audience” her most beautiful style.

[New activities are online]

_Mobile Urban Activities_lol Thanksgiving Celebration

Mobile Urban Activities__lol Thanksgiving Celebration

1. Anniversary Memoirs

From January 18th to January 31st, players can participate in web activities to review the highlight moments of the whole year , higgs top up , invite friends to help, and receive anniversary limited avatars “Ningning Gratitude”, “Collection Gift Vouchers” and many other gifts!

Mobile Urban Activities__lol Thanksgiving Celebration

2. Exclusive activities for annual celebrations are open

a. Conveying letters: After picking up “letters” in the game, you can decrypt and read the contents of the “letters” on the activity interface. If you pick up the specified number, you can receive the corresponding rewards!

b. Giveaway of 20,000 gold coins: Complete tasks every week and collect “activity points”. A total of 20,000 gold coins are waiting for you!

_Mobile Urban Activities_lol Thanksgiving Celebration

c. Celebration special purchase: The Ranger A-level skin “Blue Dragon” is on sale for a limited time. Log in every day to receive full rebate crystals!

Mobile Urban Activities__lol Thanksgiving Celebration

3. Shiranui’s special training

From January 18th to January 25th, complete the mission to receive a new mecha gift box, with a chance of directly receiving the new mecha Shiranui!

The live broadcast of Mobile City Alpha’s third anniversary celebration is about to begin! Massive benefits will be given away! Lizi can’t wait to stand on the new stage and meet all the players! See you there!


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