The 1st Langfang Life Network Hero Competition-11.2

Internet cafes were an absolute taboo term in our student days, not to mention online games. The only way to play a game happily was to secretly play with friends during the winter and summer vacations. At that time, games were the main culprit that parents said affected academic performance, but today, with the Internet and information technology, those exciting and exciting competitive games have developed into the No. 78 official sports competition.

E-sports has a sacred status in the hearts of everyone who loves video games migo coin . Some people do it as a pastime, some people are addicted to it, and some people have talents. Students who are still studying must not be addicted to virtual games. In this world, behind the success of e-sports players, there are also countless hard days and nights.

A few days ago, the ig team finally won the world’s most important award in League of Legends. Its eight-year longevity has given this game a pivotal position. Recalling the brothers and comrades who used to play black games together in Internet cafes, studying the reasons for failure together and sharing the joy after victory, behind every hero are memories in the mind. Call your former comrades and see you on Summoner’s Rift.

The first Langfang Life Network Hero Competition will be held at Luosheng Internet Cafe. Let’s relive the fun of the black game back then.

The 1st Langfang Life Network & Luosheng Internet Cafe Cup Hero Competition

Competition registration date: 11.15-11.22

Competition date: 11.24-11.25

Competition description:

For the League of Legends Five Black Tournament, the registration fee is 10 yuan meme recharge per person. A game will be played in random drawing mode. If you win, you will be promoted.

The finals adopt a best-of-three-game system, and the winning team will receive bonuses provided by this Internet cafe.


1,000 yuan cash + 1,000 yuan internet fee reward

runner up:

500 cash + 500 internet fee

Second runner-up:

300 cash + 300 internet fee

Internet cafe address: 20 meters westbound, basement level 1, Jiahua Hotel, Jinguang Road, Guangyang District, Langfang City (Entrance No. 15, 16, Shangpin Street)

Competition registration phone number:

There are other benefits! Welfare! Welfare!

Luosheng Internet Cafe 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Time 11.16-11.30

1. Free recharge for Internet fees

Recharge the network fee by recharging. Recharge 30 yuan and get 10 yuan. 50 yuan and recharge 20 yuan. Recharge 100 yuan and get 50 yuan.

2. Show your official account at the store and you will get as much free as the online fee.

Show your official account of Langfang Life Network when entering the store, and you will get as much as you want by recharging the online fee when you go to the store. There is no upper or lower limit. We will give you the maximum discount.

3. Have fun all night long

The all-night hours of Luosheng Internet Cafe have been changed to 22:00 pm – 9:00 am. All models can play all night for only 15 yuan to help you who love games.

4. Store celebration recharge and draw prizes

A single recharge of 50 yuan will get you a lucky draw opportunity. Prize settings:

1. A bicycle worth 599 yuan

2. Internet fee 500 yuan

3. Internet fee 100 yuan

4. Internet fee 10 yuan

5. Free drinks of your choice

5. Little sister, come and play black together.

Female customers who sign up for a new membership during the store anniversary period can enjoy free Internet access on the day of membership activation, with no time limit.

6 Friends will receive crazy bonuses when they play black games.

During the store celebration period, those who win the five-player League of Legends ranked game will receive an Internet fee reward of 30 yuan per person.

If you win the League of Legends double-ranked open, black, and open games, you will be rewarded with Internet fees. Each person will be rewarded with 20 yuan in Internet fees.

Call your teammates, we are waiting for you to fight!


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